Weibel Elementary PTO Meeting - Minutes

Weibel Elementary Multi-Use Room

November 15 2016


Gail Rahman Parinita Kadam Christina Lee
Kyla Santana Catherine Strommen Fahria Khan
Yogesh Agrawal Padmini Misra Prashant Jain
Wendy McCormack-Sison Nadia Khan


  1. 7:00pm meeting called to order
  2. Motion to approve minutes from Oct 2016 -approved.
  3. Announcements
    • Movie night was a great event.
    • Math Olympiad’s first day went well.
  4. New Business
    • Scrip account has been converted to field trip account
    • Rob working on filing pto taxes. Still looking for a tax person.
    • Ipads for lower grades were procured- thanks to Fahria
    • Yoga in MUR has started. 25 students per session. 1hour for higher grades, 1⁄2 hr for lower grades
    • Infosnap update: Prashant will sign Neyha’s letter and send to infosnap to dispute charges
  5. Committee Reports
    • Yogesh went over the profits made from movie night ($225), wildcat run ($200), pancake breakfast ($1498) and bookfair ($7500)
    • Fahria: Science month is in March.
      -Looking for an author for author visit for Reading week
      -Anti-bullying assembly: previous presenters not doing it - looking for new presenters
    • Tech Committee Report:
      -Prashant and Ms.Schultz had discussion for tech needs for next few years
      -Ms.Schultz would like chrome books for 4th-6th grade (4 per grade) -For 3rd grade, simple windows based laptops (3 per classroom)
    • Motion made to purchase 48 chrome books for $9600 -approved.
    • $31000 is tech budget ($25000 budget for projector project)
  6. Prinicipal’s announcements
    • Parent-teacher conferences underway
    • Thanksgiving break next week
    • Basketball underway for 5th/6th graders- 12 kids per team
      -Susie Mulcock leading girls and Mr.Phillip Liu leading boys
      -Both had to get many certifications- cpr, head trauma, fingerprinting etc
    • Election next morning, some kids came to school, worried and afraid
      -All teachers had a talk with their classes
      -h3 assembly on citizenship discussed structure of government, checks and balances
    • Buddy bench project- budget from garden fund. Will be a contest for design of bench
    • Ms.Lee to start cross age tutoring at recess
      -students will go to classrooms to help a student that may need extra help academically
  7. Parents’ Comments
    • Ms.Lee: request from upper grade to rotate out literature books, paperbacks are old -Will talk to Ms.Natalie about this
    • Yogesh: budget for new books is $4000. Profit from bookfair also goes to library books.
    • Fahria: planners for 4,5,6th grade they need $1000 advance (even in/out for pto)
    • Motion to add to the budget $1000 for student planners- approved
    • Mrs.Rahman: her class wrote thank you letters for wildcat volunteers since they won
  8. Adjournment- Next meeting will be on January 10th