Weibel Elementary PTO Meeting - Minutes

Weibel Elementary Multi-Use Room

Tuesday, Oct 11th, 2016


Tristan Stephan Gail Rahman Poornima Garuda
Surendra Anutsolu Wendy McCormack-Sison Cristina Marting
Christina Lee Catherine Strommen Kwee Kuntjara
Mansi Shah Jiun-Yi Su Yogesh Agrawal
Kyla Santana Shiwali Surana Fahria Khan
Chetan Jhaveri Nadia Khan Prashant Jain


  1. 7:00pm meeting called to order
  2. Motion to approve minutes from Sept 13th 2016 meeting approved.
  3. Announcements
    • Movie Night is on October 21st. Shilpa Verma and Riddhi Patel organizing.
    • Chetan Jhaveri is new webmaster updating the PTO website. Will be posting meeting minutes and announcements to the site.
  4. New Business
    • Budget Proposal for 2016-2017 School Year
      • Report from Yogesh: Reviewed line items. Total projected income is $124,610. Total projected expenses are $176,019. This shows a deficit of $51,409. Based on previous years’, actual expenses at end of year have been lower than projected, and it balances out.
      • Motion made to approve budget for this year was approved
      • Discussion on other items needed to be included in the budget: Mrs.Strommen mentioned projector bids, 14 ipads for kindergarten, and an additional computer cart.
      • Parent suggestion to account for purchasing speakers/amplifiers for wildcat run and other events.
      • Fahria made a motion to approve budget for these items under tech: speakers/amplifiers, 14 ipad minis, and computer (chrome) cart, and motion was approved.
    • Form 199 issue
      • Related to state taxes. Rob looking into it, there is a gap between what they want and what was submitted.
    • Converted script/tech account to field trip account
      • Wendy: previous field trip account had to be closed, due to fraud and counterfeit checks. Scrip/tech account will now be used as the field trip acct.
    • Tech chair position (Rob still looking)
      • Responsibilities of tech chair include: putting together class email lists, sending out weekly pto newsflash, tech purchases (projectors etc.)
    • IPAD needs for lower grades – 7 per class to be permanently docked in the classroom.
    • Yoga and Spanish (after-school activities) update
      • Prashant: Trying to get time in MUR. Submitted request to FUSD, separate requests for each activity. Once approved by district, will plan out teachers and schedule. Yoga from 4:30 to 5:30 and spanish from 5:30 to 6:30.
    • Shared Google Calendar for all Weibel events
      • Prashant: Will create a google calendar to share all weibel events and meetings.
  5. Committee Reports
    • Pancake Breakfast update Fahria: about $2000 made. Great turnout and fun event.
    • Wildcat run update
      Fahria: used bibs this year, all electronic counted laps, smooth and fast process. Winners already announced, will get trophies. Shilpa and Riddhi have taken up Movie Night. Total budget for wildcat run was $6000, and they are on par.
      Suggestions for next year: kids given time to change into their wildcat t-shirt, prior to run. Also to have a cooldown period, and addition of music while kids are running.
    • FAME (Fine Arts Music Enrichment) program
      Shiwali Surana: Looking to bring this back to Weibel. It consists of six, 30 min sessions per year. Since difficult to get MUR, aim is to bring the presentation to each classroom. Will need volunteers from each class to be docents, coordination with teachers and resources. Mrs.Strommen suggested to place a sign-up sheet on fb for teachers to sign up for time slots.
    • Reimbursement process
      Prashant: Old process has created boxes of paperwork. This year will change to an online process. All requests can be sent online and signed online. Will be encrypted for security. Will have 2 backup drives. Directions for this new process can be kept in PTO basket.
  6. Prinicipal’s announcements
    Mrs.Strommen thanked PTO for fantastic wildcat run! Kids had a lot of fun and was well-attended.

    Upcoming events:
    Oct 26th: Coffee with Principal 8:30-9:30pm
    Oct 23rd: FEF (Fremont Education Foundation) Fun Run at Quarry lakes. School can win $500. Info posted on facebook page. Looking for more people to sign up for the run.
    Oct 27th: GATE Info night in MUR 7-8:30pm. For Irvington attendance area.
    • Looking for 2 parents to join School site council. Meetings are on Oct 18th, Nov 29th, Jan 31st, Mar 21st, Apr 25th. Council works on approving school safety plan, academic plan. How money is spent on unduplicated students. One hour meetings. Contact Mrs.Strommen if interested.
    • Basketball coaches needed: 1 for girls team, and 1 for boys team. Mr.Kilby has retired from doing this. Coach conducts practices, decides schedules, coaches and manages the games. Will also coach end of season tournament and celebrate end of season with a pizza party. Most games are at Weibel for this area.
  7. Open Chair positions for this school year
    School Supplies March-May
    Bingo Night (2016-2017) May-16
    Prashant: These two events need chairs, or will be cancelled. Will post on facebook for school supplies since that service is helpful to many parents.
  8. Parents’ Comments
    • Wendy: 4th grade teachers have requested PTO for advance of $1000 to buy school planners for 4th graders for next year. The students would do a fundraiser for the planners, and keep the profits for student council. Mrs.Lee added would be great for all students to have same planner.
    • Fahria: Will need to add a line item in the budget to give advance for the planners.
  9. Adjournment- Next Meeting will be November 8th, 2016