Weibel Activities

Weibel has outstanding after-school activities. Check out the list below for the activities to see if there's something your child might be interested in doing.

Chess Program

      Our chess team has excellent performance, winning the under 10 All-Girls Nationals.
      Meets weekly in MUR

Scout Program

      Explore nature and the outdoors, volunteer in your community, and enjoy special activities like skiing!
      Contact pack152weibel@gmail.com

Debate Program

      For grades 3 to 6. Learn how to make your voice heard with logical arguments and respect for your opponent. Stay tuned in

School Band

      Practice weekly through the year in a team to prepare and deliver a top-notch end of year band show

Science Olympiad


Math Olympiads

      For grade 4 – 6
      5 Contest, one each month November thru March
      5 questions per contest
      Last year 101 students participated from Weibel.

Kangaroo Math

       For grades 1 – 6
       Contest will be held some time in March
       75 Minue Multiple Choice Questions
       Last year 119 students participated from Weibel.

Fremont Math Tournament Elementary Division Signups Open Now

       Signup Details