Duties of Room Parents
Room Parents

Thank you for volunteering your time as a Room Parent! You provide an invaluable service to the school. Your teacher and students greatly appreciate your support.

A summary of the duties of Room parent for their classroom is noted below for your reference.

Room Parent Duties:

  • Emergency preparedness check - Students bring the Emergency packs in. The Room Parents have to tally and make sure all the students have brought them in. If not, send a reminder to the parent. In addition, you will check the Teacher Emergency pack to make sure all supplies are available. This will be your first task and PTO requests that this be completed by end of September. Below you will find attachments (Emergency Preparedness Checklist and Emergency Inventory List) for this task. Please contact Health and Safety Coordinator, Leslie Lo , at leslie_lo2003@yahoo.com for turning in the filled out forms.
  • Create and distribute a class roster
  • Create and distribute your classroom's volunteer schedule
  • Coordinate and communicate about classroom parties and events
  • Support school events throughout the year by communicating event details and soliciting volunteers when needed
  • Forward on school news on occasion
In addition, here are more details about a couple of celebrations:
  • Celebration details here
  • Teachers Appreciation Week details here
You can sign up to be a Room Parent at Back-To-School night on Aug 30th where, your teacher will provide a classroom volunteer sign-up sheet(s) for parents to indicate their interest and availability to help out in class. You'll use this information to create a class volunteer schedule. Additionally, you or your teacher will ask parents to supply personal information they'd like shared with the class (ex: parents' names, email address, phone number, etc.). Use the information parents give you to create a class roster and publish it when it's complete. At a minimum, every student's name should be on the roster you publish. If a family wishes to have their personal information kept private, though, please respect their wishes and don't include any other personal information besides their child's name.

Towards the bottom of this page, please find some helpful templates for Class roster, Room parent intro letter, Class celebration dietary. You can even find Back-to-School Night Room Parent sign-up sheet template.

If you have questions, please contact the Room Parent Coordinator:

Rinu Singhania at rinusinghania@gmail.com