Weibel PTO Activity Survey Results

Responce Breakout:

Activity Count (%)
Math Kangaroo 82 (69%)
First Lego League 70 (59%)
Foreign Language 69 (58%)
Yoga for Kids 66 (55%)
Science Olympiad 63 (53%)
Math Olympiad 62 (52%)
Math League 52 (44%)
Other 34 (29%)
Total 119

Activity Interest:

Interest per activity chart

Foreign Language Interest:

Foreign Language Interest

Parents Involvement:

Parents Involvement

Any other activities of interest:

(34 responses)
Odyssey of the Mind
Odyssey of the Mind
debate club
Coding classes
Odyssey of the mind
Science fair, Hindi class, theater class
chess, drawing or art
sport like Soccer or basketball
Meditation / Mindfulness
Music, basketball for younger grades
Spelling bee
Kids running club
Choir, basketball- girls all grades, STEAM spring/winter/summer camps at school for grade 3 and above.
Elocution contest such as speech or poem recitation to give the kids exposure to stage presence and confidence to face a crowd.
The special needs kid need to be included in the planning - The "normal" kids have no idea how to interact with them. A sports day.. with inclusive teams or maybe an art day, something that goes beyond science and math.
ChineSe class
I will write to Mrs. Strommen about starting a basic tennis program afterschool for free
Sign language
On campus sports
Hindi foreign language
Other team building projects based on STEM e.g. Scientific Invention competition to promote innovative thinking in teams (not as competitive individuals)
Geography bee
Leadership activities
on-campus coaching for the math and science competitions mentioned above
Fitness/ Zumba, electronics edu